Porcelain Bonded Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain bonded crowns and bridges are still prevalent in todays dental world. Although all-ceramic crowns are becoming highly popular, the strength gained from a crown with a metal core is very difficult to match. If the patient has a very hard bite then this could be the best option.

Porcelain butt margins

With some metal supported crowns aesthetics can sometimes be compromised, you may see a  black line around the cervical margin, especially in anterior restorations. However at Sussex Dental Design we do not believe in compromise, with  private or independent cases, if the preparation allows, (either a shoulder or deep chamfer) we cut back the metal margin at a 45 degree angle allowing more opaque and porcelain in this area. This creates a porcelain butt margin and eradicates the black line problem.

Super Noritake Ex-3 porcelain

We use Super Noritake Ex-3 porcelain for building up the crown or bridge. This is bonded to the precious/non precious metal sub-structure. We would always recommend using precious bonding alloy where possible as the bond strength between the two materials is far greater than that of a non precious alloy.

Natural opalescence can be created with selective refraction of light, that is seen in natural dentition thanks to the finer particle size of the Noritake luster porcelain. Excellent lifelike aesthetics can be achieved.