Mouth guards

MouthguardWhat are mouth guards?

Mouth guards are appliances that are worn over the teeth, and are used to prevent injuries to the teeth during sports or as a result of grinding of your teeth.

Custom fitted mouth guards / protectors

These protectors are comfortable and the best fitting. They offer better protection than other mouth guards. Custom fitted protectors are designed, and are produced in our dental laboratory based on information given by your dentist. We make the mouthguard firstly with a 2 mm layer of p.v.a over the front 6 teeth ,then a 4 mm layer covers the whole arch giving far more support and protection.

To create a customer protector, your dentist will first make an impression of the teeth. Then we pour a plaster model and a Vacuum formed mouthguard is made  to fit  this model

A dentist will be able to recommend the mouth guard that is best suited for you. Generally, mouth guards are used to protect only the upper teeth, but if you have a fixed dental appliance fitted on your lower jaw or dental braces, a dentist may design a mouth protector for the lower teeth too. An ideal mouth guard is one that is comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. It should not cause any difficulties in breathing or talking.

A variety of different colours and styles are available.

There is a huge array of different mouthguard styles and colours on offer. If you have a preference  just let us know.