Gold Restorations

A variety of different types of alloys are available. These range from non precious alloys, low content yellow gold, semi precious white gold, to 60 % yellow gold which gives you the superb aesthetics that you only get from high quality gold. We have found that despite the increase in gold costs around the world there is still a demand for precious metal crowns. Dental professionals say that once you have gold in the oral environment, the mouth changes for the better. Why? Because a high quality gold crown has longevity, good  biocompatibility and is not as hard as natural teeth, so will not wear the opposing dentition as much.

All our  metal  restorations are cast in the laboratory, utilising the latest in induction casting technology. The difference between the old casting technique of  an oxy-propane torch heating the metal, and the induction wave method is that you get a steady even melt with induction casting. It is a  far less extreme way to cast an alloy. It minimises the potential for overheating, thereby ensuring a high lustre finish.

We only use  quality materials in our laboratory, if you ask us to make your dental appliances you can be assured that we will produce something that is beautiful, functional and of the highest quality.